Hood Mats were designed for people who practice physical, mental and spiritual healing through movement. Whether you're flexing in the hood or on the rez, do it on a Hood Mat!


    I found asana when I was 17 during a very tumultuous time of my adolescence. The poses I learned were from a book called Be Here Now by Dr. Richard Alpert aka Ram Dass. Not knowing my own identity as an Indigenous person, I gravitated toward other beliefs and cultures. This book helped me during this trying time and those poses have kept me in balance ever since. It is my hope that with this brand I will be able to successfully initiate a program called Native Art Therapy & Healing Through Indigenous Design. Physical, behavioural, mental, spiritual, emotional, and financial health are at the core of this program. Guiding others on how to heal themselves through native art and indigenous design while fostering an entrepreneurial roadmap to be a successful creative is the goal. Systemic racism, generational trauma, alcohol and substance abuse can be healed through a program of self discovery in the arts. Education through active participation in community art/fashion shows, classes, vending events, and pop-ups will teach self sufficiency in a culture of capitalism. 

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    Throughout my career I have survived the exploitation and inequality that awaits every indigenous creative hoping to break the system of injustice bestowed upon our people. My life in the arts is one that is still in the making and will be until the day I pass onto the next world. The knowledge and skills I've acquired over the years I'm willing to share with those who are willing to learn. Blazing a new path for indigenous creatives to thrive in new futures and worlds is a dream of mine and it's become a possibility through the efforts of entrepreneurship.

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    Based in Phoenix, Arizona and of the Diné, Hopi, Akimel O'odham, and Tohono O'odham nations. Jeremy is a recovering alcoholic and substance abuser since age 12. After a life of crime and several stints in jail he's been clean and sober for over 3 years and now works as a creative consultant for brands like Nike, The Phoenix Suns and the NFL.

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    Your purchase goes toward this goal of creating a community of healthy active Indigenous peoples here and across the World. Flex your soul on a Hood Mat for exercise, wellness, mental clarity and spiritual fitness.